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This is the Earth Shattering PicturesTM production journal.

This is the place to find out what we're doing and get some behind the scenes information about current productions. Commissioned projects for clients will remain confidential, but we will be posting about our own non-client productions.


How do we operate? First, as content creators, copyright is extremely important to us. All of the work we do is either commissioned by the copyright holder or is original work. Having all of the appropriate rights to our work is important to us. All of the software that we use to create videos and images is commercially licensed software.

What can we do? Simply put, we can make movie magic. We're an up and coming video production studio specializing in visual effects and animation. We are able to do a wide range of animation, from cartoon style to photo-realistic. We can do custom 3D modeling, compositing of live action with 3D CGI elements, match moving, terrain modeling, and much more.
We can perform visual fx supervision while on a film set or control production of an entire feature length film. We can do post production services, such as editing, video compositing, virtual set creation, green-screen, etc.

Who are our clients? Our clients are musicians who need a professionally produced music video with a special "wow factor", companies and corporations that want to create a training video that enhances their brand, businesses that want to create advertising that using animation and visual fx to grab the viewers attention, or film makers who need a flexible way to add high budget effects to raise the value of their production without breaking their budget.

What else do we do? We are also producing our own independent short films. Besides that, there are also visual fx tests and animation tests that we do. These allow us to do proof of concept tests and fine tune specific areas of our work-flow before applying them to current productions.

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